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2016 IMC International Mathematics Contest ( Singapore )
Invitation Letter


To: Mathematics Trainers’ Guild(Philippines),

      Mathematics Education Clinic(Indonesia),

     Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School,

     E Mathematics Olympiad System (Malaysia),

     International Mathematical Enterprise, LTD., (Taiwan),

     Pratabong Academy (Thailand),

    korea originality personality education (South Korea),

    City Montessori School(India),

    Math Symbol(Iran),

    Jet-wings Institution(Singapore),

     Archimedes Academy(Viet Nam),

    IMC China Secretariat

and concerned Institutions, teachers and students

致:菲律宾数学研究会  印度尼西亚数学教育中心  香港数学奥林匹克学校  奥林匹克学研中心(马来西亚)  国际数理事业机构(台湾) 普拉塔彭教育机构(泰国)  创意人性教育研究院(韩国)  蒙特梭利城市学校(印度)  数学象征机构(伊朗) 铨达机构(新加坡)  阿基米德学院(越南)  IMC中国秘书处

以及相关机构、老师及学生 : 

The International Mathematics Contest (IMC) is an annual international contest organized by IMC Union. With the principle of “ Science has no border”, IMC is committed to uniting all organizations, institutions and individuals from all over the world who are dedicated to popularize the Math education and jointly create a platform for young people to exchange their views on Math study, and arousing their interest on Math.


This year the IMC contest will be held in Singapore on 30-31 July. I, on behalf of IMC Union Council, would like to express my gratitude to all the above mentioned organization for the continual support and attendance all these years in our IMC International Mathematics contest activities. I hereby cordially invite you to join us in our 12th IMC International Mathematics Contest.


Through the hard work of the IMC Union members, we have more than 13,000 students from Asia Pacific who have participated in IMC final contest in Singapore over the past 10 years. We have also witness the raise in the standard of the participating students and the growth and improvement of the outstanding students. This marks the true value and meaning of the IMC contest. In the furture, we will devote to developing the cooperation resources with the world-wide well-known colleges and universities in order to provide great educational opportunities for the IMC outstanding participating students.


Lastly, I warmly welcome more countries (or region) to participate in IMC Contest. I wish the best for all the contestants, the success of the 2016 IMC contest. At the same time, I hope all the students, parents and teachers will have an enjoyable and memorable trip in Singapore.



Thank you very much.


 Very truly yours,






Lu Xiaochen
President of IMC Union Council

IMC国际数学竞赛联盟 理事长

27th May 2016