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About IMC Union
Rules and Regulations





ArticleⅠ. The full name of IMC Union is IMC International Mathematics Contest Union, hereinafter called IMC Union.

ArticleⅡ. The IMC Union is a cooperative organization joined by organizations, groups and individuals around the world who are committed to popularizing youth mathematic education.

Article Ⅲ. Following the principle of “science has no border”, IMC Union committed to establish a platform for international communication and cooperation in adolescents’ mathematics studying. The IMC Union also aims to arouse youngsters’ interests in math learning as well as to promote their friendship and cooperation.

Article Ⅳ. The duty of IMC Union is to assist members to popularize the regional and international adolescents’ mathematic activities, as well as arrange teenagers in their region to participate in international math contest, and meanwhile, to publish popular international math readings regularly on IMC Union website.

Article Ⅴ. Membership of IMC Union
1. Adopting both group membership and individual membership
2. Qualifications and requirements for applying
2.1 All members joined on their own free will and must follow the rules and regulations of IMC Union
2.2 Attend teenagers’ math generalizing activities initiatively
2.3 Have power and influence in the field of teenagers’ math education
2.4 Only the experts or academicians, who enjoy high prestige and position in the area of math study and education, are welcomed to apply for individual membership.

3. Procedure of application and registration
3.1 Complete the application form and submit it to local IMC Union secretariat
3.2 According to application, local IMC Union secretariat will make decision on whether accept it or not and put on file of the IMC Union Council
3.3 IMC Union council will publish the members’ information regularly on IMC Union website

4. The rights of IMC Union members
4.1 The right of voting and being elected in IMC Union
4.2 accessing related information and consulting services by IMC Union
4.3 making suggestion and supervision to IMC Union
4.4 winning awards and commendation
4.5 attending any activity organized by IMC Union

5. The duties of IMC Union members
5.1 Comply with the rules and regulations of IMC Union
5.2 To execute the union’s decision, fulfill the task assigned by IMC Union
5.3 To protect the honor of IMC Union
5.4 Attend activities organized by IMC Union initiatively
5.5 Pay membership fees under the criteria stipulated by IMC Union(Not implemented currently)

6. Withdraw the membership
6.1 Members are free to apply withdraw from the IMC Union
6.2 Members who fail to pay the membership fees without any authority for continuous 2 years will be considered withdrawing automatically
6.3 If the member severely violate the rules or decrease the honor of IMC Union, the membership will be removed from the IMC Union after discussion.

Article Ⅵ. The Structure of IMC Union
1. The IMC Members’ Congress is the supreme organ of power in IMC Union
1.1 The duties of IMC Members’ Congress
1.1.1 To make and amend the rules and regulations of IMC Union
1.1.2 To elect or remove the member of IMC Union Council
1.1.3 To examine and discuss the work of IMC Union Council
1.1.4 To make decision on other importance of IMC Union
1.2 The IMC Members’ Congress can be held only when the attendances exceeds two thirds (including two thirds) of the total deputies and the resolution can come to effect only when it approved by more than half of the total attendances.

2. IMC Union Council is the executive body of the IMC Members’ Congress
2.1 The IMC Union Council is elected and responsible to the IMC Members’ Congress,
2.2 When the IMC Members’ Congress is not in session, the IMC Union Council directs all daily work of IMC Union
2.3 The IMC Union Council is elected for a term of four years
2.4 The first IMC Union Council is made up of the founder members
2.5 The duties and functions of IMC Union Council
2.5.1 To execute the decision of IMC Union members’ congress
2.5.2 To elect and remove the president, the vice-president and the general secretary of the council
2.5.3 To arrange the annual IMC International Mathematics Contest
2.5.4 To report the every year work and financial status to the congress
2.6 The IMC Union Council is composed of the president, the deputy vice-president, vice-presidents and trustees, and the council conference held annually.

3. The Secretariat is the administrative body of IMC Union
3.1 In principle, each country (or region) sets up one secretariat which is responsible to the IMC Union Council, each secretariat is composed of the general secretary, the deputy vice-general secretary and vice-secretaries.
3.2 The duties of the Secretariat
3.2.1 To report works to IMC Union Council regularly
3.2.2 To implement the IMC Union annual works plan
3.2.3 To coordinate the local IMC Union member to carry out their involved work.

Article Ⅶ. Assets Management
1. IMC Union funding sources:
1.1 Membership fees
1.2 Donations
1.3 IMC Union business income

2. IMC Union finance management system:
2.1 Make sure the legitimacy, authentic, accuracy and integrity of the financial materials and the accounting archives.
2.2 Make sure all the funds should all business and development of the causes stipulated hereof.

Article Ⅷ. Supplementary provisions
1. This Rules and Regulations is approved by a vote of founder members on 13th April, 2010
2. IMC Union all interpretation rights reserved.