The Third Session of IMC International Mathematics Contest 2007
successfully concluded

The third session of IMC international mathematics contest was held in Singapore during August 16th to 21st 2007. More than 400 elementary and middle school students came from China,Philippines, Indiaand Singapore participated in the contest, jointed visiting activities and communicating parties.

Compared with the first two sessions, this session had expanded in scales and improved in organizing and arranging. The Chinese delegation had expanded to nearly 300 people, and the Philippine team’s scale had surpassed 100 people. The total number of the non-Singapore participants had surpassed 400. During the four days, each delegation was accommodated in different hotels, but the activities was colorful and in good order. Students from different countries did not only participate the competition and the Prize Presentation Ceremony, but also visited the Science and Mathematics Senior Middle School attached to Singapore National University, the Singapore ISS international School, and the Singapore State Library; took tours to famous scenic sites and business centers in Singapore, such as Sentosa Island, Jurong BirdPark, Night Safari, Orchard Road, and cruised in the Singapore River sight-seeing the beautiful scenery.

The participants of mathematics contest were divided to 9 groups based on grade, respectively were 3-11. In the afternoon of August 19th, the Prize Presentation Ceremony of the third session IMC international mathematics contest and the get-together party were grandly held. More than 10 representatives and the honored guests from Singapore National Tourism Board, Singapore ISS International School, Singapore Management University, Ministry of Education of Philippine, Philippine Technical Department, MTG Philippines, City Montessori School of India as well as Beijing Science Association, China “Hope Cup” national mathematics invitational Contest of Beijing Committee have attended the ceremony. Every county’s representatives carried a passionate speech, and issued the certificate and medal for the prized students. After the ceremony, the participative countries’ committee exchanged the presents and took a group photo, and students performed the splendid program.

The IMC international mathematics activities follow the principle of “science without boundary”, built a platform for young people communicating and cooperating in international mathematics studies; stimulate the young people’s interest of mathematics study, and promote young people’s friendship and cooperation. Through contests, communication, visits and tours, it not only examined and improved the students’ mathematics applicable ability, but also made the students experienced Singapore’s advanced and relaxed education system, and its unique cultural atmosphere mixed Chinese with the Western, as well as the fine nature and humanity environment. The fact proved that the IMC international mathematics contest has become a bridge for elementary and middle schools around the world understanding and communicating with each other, and will attract more and more countries and areas to participate in.