The 11th session of International Mathematic Contest (IMC)
has successfully completed

2015 marks IMC International Mathematic Contest 11th year in its founding, with the addition of country representatives from Vietnam and Myanmar. With the new addition, the participating countries has increased from eleven to thirteen countries, with total number of contestants increasing from 1161 last year to 1320 this year. After more than ten years of running the contest, IMC International Mathematics Contest has become one of the largest and most influential platform for students to exchange their views on Math studyin Asia-Pacific region. The certification awarded by IMC has also been recognized by many universities and secondary schools in North America, Europe, etc, which adds credential to the enrollment of these students from Asia Pacific.

This year, IMC International Mathematics Contest had awarded 128 gold, 218 silver, 452 bronze, which shown a raise in the standard of the participating students, especially for Vietnam, though their first year participating,they have won six gold medals, and overall champion for Junior One, which demonstrated a high level of competitiveness! The other overall level champion goes to Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea. Herewith, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the Vietnam and Myanmar team for making their debut in this competition and congratulate them for their outstanding achievements this year!

In 2ndAugust 2015, about 2000 attendees, including participating students, teachers, parents and guests gathered in the 2015IMC Award Ceremony. In the ceremony, the VIPspresented passionate speeches, affirming the students of their outstanding achievements, and encouraging them to work harder for greater progress! Besides the award presentation, the students from different countries also put up various ethnic dance and singing program, bringing the ceremony into new heights!

Through this contest, the participating students from the Asia-Pacific countries were given the opportunity to enhance the mutual understanding of their friendship, and widen their vision and knowledge! Let us meet in 2016!

Last but not least, we also express our heartfelt gratitude to Jetwings International for coordinating this event in Singapore for the past nine years. It’s your hard work and tireless efforts that make IMC Contest a great success!