The 8th session of International Mathematic Contest (IMC)
has successfully completed

The eighth International Mathematics Contest (IMC) was successfully held in Singapore from August 4th-5th, 2012. Students from ten countries, including the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taipei (China), Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and India have participated in this year’s contest, numbering a total of 1105.

This contest is divided into 9 grades, with grade three to six from primary school, grade one to three from the junior high school and with grade one and two from the senior high school. There have been 109 gold medals, 229 silver medals and 329 bronze medals awarded over the course of the contest. In addition, grade champion was set in the primary section and junior high grade one and two. Bu Deyue from Taipei (China) was the champion in grade three, Tan Li Xuan from Malaysia was the champion in grade four, YOLRADA YONGPISANPOB from Thailand was the champion in grade five and Peng Diyu from Chinese mainland was the champion in the grade 6. While in Junior high school, SUPPAPHAT MUANGSUWAN from Thailand was the Champion in grade one, and KIM HOJAE from South Korea was the Champion in grade two.

From the result of the contest, it is clear to see that all participating counties have made great improvements with the former domination by a few countries no longer existing. The IMC has helped to improve the skills of students along with a concerted effort by all participating countries which has enhanced competitiveness and narrowed the performance gap between countries. The more talented student have used the IMC as a platform to stand out with the organizers believing the contest will have a positive impact on improving maths education of primary and secondary students in the Asian-Pacific region.

The eighth IMC awarding ceremony was held in the afternoon of Aug 5th with over 2000 faculties, students and parents. The representative of IMC Union Secretariat and leaders from each participating secretariat issued the certificates and medals for the gold medal winners. At the ceremony, each representative gave the speech, congratulated the winners and expressed their best wishes for the future of the contest. After the ceremony, the students put of an excellent array of performances with distinctive local characteristics, which enhanced the mutual understanding and friendship between each other.

Besides the contest, the organizer arranged some cultural visits and sightseeing tour for the students, aiming to broaden their horizons and establish firm friendships between participants.