The Fifth Session of IMC International Mathematics Contest 2009
successfully concluded

The fifth IMC International Mathematics Contest has come to a successful conclusion in Singapore during August 20th -24th, 2009. On the basis of 6 countries and regions participating in the IMC contest last year, Malaysia and Chinese Taipei both has joined this year, with this addition the contest have reach to a total of 8 countries and regions and 700 students participating in 2009 IMC contest.

The participants of this Contest were divided into 7 groups based on their grade, respectively to Primary 3-6, and Junior 1-3. In order to meet the different requirements of various countries and regions and ensure the students’ mathematical abilities into full play, the Contest paper consisted of four language versions, mixed Chinese & English, Traditional Chinese, English and Bahasa Indonesia. According to the awards, students from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore has already showed a higher level in this Contest, Chinese Taipei and Malaysia which both participate in IMC first, also obtained good grades.

The informal Year-conference of IMC Union has been held on 22nd Aug, 2009. Mr.Lu Xiaochen, the Secretary-general of IMC Union, has made the topic presentation about IMC development plans in the next three years, referring to improve the organization,formulate the contest proposition, expand the participating countries, establish the Union Web site to promote contact and exchange, and so on. Then all attendees from all regional secretariats and Government Education Institutions, have took an impassioned discussion and reached an agreement.

In the afternoon of August 23rd, the Prize Presentation Ceremony of the Fifth IMC Contest and the get-together party were grandly held in the Culture Center of Singapore Republic Polytechnic. Total 15 distinguished guests from Singapore Government, MOE Philippines, IMC Union Secretariat and Secretariat from each regional attending the great event, Representatives, from all participating countries, carried passionate speeches and certificates was issued to students who obtain gold medals for the contest from the 15 distinguished guests. After the ceremony, all the regional secretariats and students exchanged presents with each other and took photos for memorial. In the get-together party, students performed lots of wonderful programs, Chinese wu shu and dance performed by China, Liaoning Province and Liuzhou City student, National folk song and dance of Philippines and Indonesia performed by the students, as well as chorus performance from Chinese Taipei, China Hongkong and Malaysia students, all show were favorable. The ceremony and the party were filled with happiness, heartily atmosphere.

Compared with the past fourth sessions, the fifth IMC contest has taken large improvement in organizing, arranging, scales and participants numbers. Other than IMC contest and the Prize Presentation Ceremony, students also joined activities like visiting, communication, sightseeing etc.? Sightseeings in Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park and beautiful and clean city scene enable students to know about the society, humanities and natural environment in Singapore, visiting Singapore Discovery Centre, Air Force Museum and Marina Barrage to enhance the view of students in science and technology,In additional fun and interesting activities like The Luge, Singapore Flyer and Song of the Sea was also arrange for students .

Students have showed high Learning Ability of Mathematics in fifth IMC contest through participating in rich and colorful activities meanwhile they also have expanded their vision and built up good friendship with others, the whole experience in 2009 IMC must have been wonderful memories in life to all participants.