The 7th session of International Mathematic Contest (IMC)
has successfully completed

The 7th session of International Mathematic Contest (IMC) has successfully completed in Singapore on July 30th -31st, 2011. Teams from ten countries and regions, namely, Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and India have participated in this year’s contest, with 1248 students, and the total number of representatives is over 2000.

118 gold medals, 254 silver medals and 478 bronze medals are awarded in 9 grade levels, from primary school 3rd to 6th grade, junior high school 1st to 3rd grade and senior high school 1st and 2nd grade. Grade champion prizes are respectively set for primary school 3rd to 6th grade and junior high school 1st to 3nd grade, in which the grade champion prizes for primary school 3rd and 4th have won by Hong Kong team, primary school 5th grade and junior high school 2nd grade champion prizes have won by Chinese mainland team, primary school 6th grade by Korea, junior high 1st grade by Chinese Taipei, and junior high 3rd grade by Malaysia. In the 7- year course of development for IMC, we have witnessed a fruitful outcome through communication and exchanges in Mathematics filed as the competition steadily moves into larger scale and dimension. Contestants from Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asia countries have shown a ceaseless improvement and competence in their grades, which shows a rapid closing gap with Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and other countries and regions with higher levels of mathematics education. It is deeply convinced that IMC will greatly enhance the communication on math education among Asian countries and regions to improve the regional math education into a higher level!

The Prize Presentation Ceremony was held in the afternoon on July 31st. 17 VIP guests from IMCU secretariats and regional secretariats presented at the ceremony. Passionate speeches were given by Dr. Filma, Director of Science Education Institute,Department of Science and Technology and representatives from other countries. Guests awarded certificates and prize to students. After the ceremony, each secretariat and participating students respectively exchanged gifts and took photos. Students from each country gave a wonderful performance, such as folk dance, chorus, instruments, martial art and traditional culture display. All the singing and laughing enhance the mutual understanding and deepen the friendship between each other.

The whole contest is carefully designed, organized and implemented. Besides the contest and prize awarding ceremony, IMCU secretariat has also arranged visits and sightseeing for students. The culture journey aims to broaden students’ mind, enlarge their vision, and deepen their friendship. It will definitely leave a wonderful memory for all the participating students in their lifetime!