The 9th session of International Mathematic Contest (IMC)
has successfully completed

The Ninth International Mathematics Contest has been successfully held in Singapore from August 3rd to 4th 2013. This Competition year, 12 national teams from 11 countries including China Mainland, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, India and Iran. The number of contestants has reached to 1179. Team organized by National Mathematics Research & the Olympics of Iran and IMC Taiwan Team joined in the competition for the first time.

The contestants of 9 grades—Grade 3 to 6 of primary school, Grade 1-3 of Middle school and Grade 1-2 of High school participated in the competition this year. 111 gold medals, 234 silver medals and 426 bronze medals have been chosen. In addition, the Grand Champion Award is set up in Grade 3-6 of primary school and Grade 1-2 of Middle school contestants. Among which, Contestant Kitty of Primary School Grade 3 from national team of Thailand, Yip Chun Hei of Primary School Grade 4 from Hong Kong team, Shi Jihan of Primary School Grade 5from China Mainland and Alfian Edgar Tjandra of Primary School Grade 6 from team of Indonesia won the Grand Champion Awards of their grades. Meanwhile, Contestant Wichaphon of Middle School Grade 1 from team of Thailand and Ong Jan Kendrick of Middle School Grade 2 from team of The Philippines is awarded as the Grand Champion of their grades.

Considering from the results of the competition and its activities of this year, contestants from China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Tailand are keeping competitive as before. However, other contestants from Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia have improved promisingly. Team of Iran, especially, gained outstanding achievements as it is the first time for them to join in the competition. Team of India has got more bronze medals this year. Furthermore, the Grand Champions of each grade are no longer monoplied by the contestants from several countries and areas—contestants from teams of The Philippines and Indonesia became the winners of the award for the first time this year. According to analysis to the recent data, that the number of the contestants from The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries of Southeast Asia have been increasing continuously make the competition more intense and shortened the gap between teams of all the countries. Thus, IMC is going to have more and more influence on Asian-Pacific Religion and will be recognized by more countries of West Asia, South Asia, American and European countries. At the same time, IMC will have positive pushing effect on Math’s education in China Mainland.

The Award Ceremony of The ninth International Mathematics Contest was held on August 4th. 2000 contestants, team leaders, teachers and parents joined in the ceremony. As honored guests, 18 leaders and representatives of Secretariat of International Mathematics Union, Secretariat of IMC participating countries and areas and departments of the governments of participating countries issued gold medals and certifications to the contestants. On the Awarding Ceremony, representatives of participating countries published their speech and congratulated the winners and showed encouragement and wish to IMC. After the ceremony, the contestants of participating countries performed their cultural shows which deepened their friendship and improved the understanding between each other.

Besides competition, IMC has also arranged abundant visiting activities which showed the specialty of culture, education and science and were suitable to primary and secondary school students. All the contestants visited National University of Singapore School of design and environment and its Multicultural Center and got the visiting certification issued by National University of Singapore and International Mathematics Union. The contestants also toured aquarium of Singapore which is the biggest aquarium in the world and participated in many activities in Universal Studios. They also had a wonderful time in The Cart Village, Malaysian Village and Little India which process the characteristics of multicultural of Singapore. The visit and activities helped the contestants widen their vision and establish friendship while taking part in competition and showing high ability of mathematics.